Wednesday, 2 October 2013

James Burgess (Sufi) - 7Words Scepticism - 7Words and Asterology

JB: Astrologers study the breadth and the depth of human psychology in a very specific way
JB: And you can't understand it with a rational mind
JB: it is a bit like chines ideograms
JB: you have to right brain and ....

No! astrologers don't do that!

He is 
deliberately trying to redefine a word with a dictionary definition, in this case "Astrology". The very good question asked by that lady pointed out the the paradox that exist in James Burgess's ideas when it comes to a rational "decision making" and a subject such as "astrology" also advocated by him.

How can you make a rational decision while you are getting
Astrology involved?  This question exposed him. So he is trying to redefine the meaning of Astrology to save himself from that situation. As always circumstantial point of views by James Burgess often in contrast to other things he said just a while back.

Astrology as defined by free dictionary:

The study of the positions and aspects of celestial bodies in the belief that they have an influence on the course of natural earthly occurrences and human affairs.

Anything said in order to define (redefine better say) astrology in different way is James Burgess's point of view (hallucination) and without a value more than that.

JB: that's how I think astrology works!
JB: and I am not popular amongst colleague astrologist in England
JB: this is controversial
JB: but for god sake astrologers aren't rich
JB: therefore they can't predict the future!
what is this! why anyone has to care?
to me it seems that he is crediting himself for being "controversial" and "unique" as if in England he has a large audience and anyone cares what he says ...

looks like pretence! absolute pretence!
JB: what's the difference in highest in me and the gods
JB: if I am communicating with the gods they can only communicate through highest in me
JB: there is no difference
to me he is just playing with words! absolute playing with words! if anyone understands what he means by these 3 sentences please email me! 

JB: I can see you are very self expressive
JB: Like to get involve in thing
JB : you have a noble character
Typical! James Burgess is "bribing" the out spoken girl by complimenting her in order to silence her! Because her insistence was more and more exposing his limited knowledge and contradictory point of views. so he tries to make her to like him by complimenting her in order for her to stop asking exposing and dangerous questions.

You need to have grown up in Iran to be familiar with this technique usually adopted by religious teachers ...
JB: but did you like these keywords?
JB: optimism
JB: nobility
JB: self expression
JB: involvement
JB: is that you
JB: got ya!
JB: next question
I don't need to comment on this. Any "street clever" kid understands what is going on here. He continues to bribe the girl who asked the critical question here. Because all James Burgess did during this video was avoiding to answer her question and he is making a final escape by a "massive bribing" ! lol
no wonder he doesn't want to debate, he knows these techniques won't work on everyone!

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